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West Coast Slot Cars!

We are always looking for H.O. slot car racers in the West Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas to become part of the club for fun races and activities. If you are interested, please contact Marc @ 310 200-6300 for detailed information.  There are no fees for becoming a club member!  Just race, have fun, and share this wonderful hobby!!



By: Marc Natividad

Happy 2017 to my fellow HO Slot Car Racers!  I've got a new little GEM from Terry Flynn over at Harden Creek Slot Cars: www.hcslots.com.  These new Low-Rider clips will give your bodies a new attitude with a lower stance and improved handling.  They close the gaps on the wheel wells and make the cars look a little more realistic.  I decided to test them out on my AFX Super G+ cars which are no longer in production....sniff, sniff!






Let's start with some of the recent AFX bodies!  The Chevy Monte Carlo definitely has a much improved look with the body in a lower position.  Check out the difference!!  As with ANY modifications, the front and the rear tires must fit without any rubbing.  Experiment with different wheel and tire combinations to optimize performance according to your track type.


The AFX Porche 959 passed with flying colors!  A much needed improvement for the looks of this car.  Handling was better as well, but this car just simply looks AWESOME and it's ready for some track time!


AFX T'Bird....SLAMMED!  NAILED IT!!  No need for other comments!!!


Here is an even older AFX Thunderbird.  Gives a "FRESH LOOK" to this old CITGO livery.  Historical side note:  This body was also used for the AFX TOMY TURBO chassis! 


This is a JL Dodge Ram Pickup Truck!  "STREET STYLE" AFX Super G+ with Indepentent Front Axle, .275 Rear Hubs, and SuperTires.  The stock AFX Super G+ chassis did not clear the wheel wells.  It took me a while to get it just right, but worth the time and effort!! 

One more JL body!  The Chevelle fit just right on the modified Super G+ chassis.  You can sill find some of these still out there for sale on the "Bay of e", or some of the other HO Slot Car web sites!!


Last but not least, this AFX BWM 320i body off of an AFX Magna-Traction chassis.  Now that's more like it!  There are more recent versions from TOMY AFX that were TURBO or Lighted.  This was another great project to do and I will keep trying other body styles and chassis configurations, but that's it for now!!  ENJOY and have FUN racing, from West Coast Slot Cars!!!